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Help my Shih tzu has diarrhea how do i cure?

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My 9 weeks old Shih tzu has been having diarrhea for 2 days. He eats 2 times a day. I feed him 1/4 a cup a day. He poops like 6 times a day is this normal and like 5/6 is diarrhea and the 1/6 is regular. Do you think I could just use Petmo Bismol but when I read an article it said that Petmo Bismol is no longer safe for dogs and pups. What should I do?

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  • Stop giving him his dog food for now. Give him chicken broth, not the canned version because it’s got too much sodium. Boil chicken in water and give the broth at room temperature until his diarrhea stops. You can then add plain rice to the broth and give this for a few days, then eventually add the boiled chicken with the rice and broth. Once he poops more solid, start adding his dog food SLOWLY to the rice/chicken/broth and at the same time decrease the amount of the rice/chicken/broth until he just has his dog food. If he starts the diarrhea again, you might have to change his dog food to a better quality one. This is all assuming that he is being seen by his vet, he is negative for parasites/worms, and that you know for sure that he isn’t or hasn’t eaten anything that could cause his upset stomach.

  • Vegetables and other foods that help to constipate you, like cheese :)

  • A few questions:

    Has there been a recent dietary change? Are you feeding him the same food the breeder weaned him to? Are you feeding him Puppy Chow (it has a milk coating, and most dogs do not tolerate dairy)? Did he get his puppy worming? Did he get into something? Sudden dietary changes can cause diarrhea, as can worms, food allergies and so many other things. To get to the bottom of this, you may have to do some processes of elimination. (Sorry, I really didn’t intend any puns there.) Make sure he doesn’t get dehydrated, and don’t let the diarrhea go on too much longer without vet care. You can get some Pedialyte at a drug store – it’s water with electrolytes to help prevent dehydration. Kaopectate is safe for dogs, but check with your vet for the proper dosage for such a little guy.


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